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Qianling Mountain Park
A 6-meter-high Buddhist statue at a scenic spot in Beijing is planned to be repaired after tourists engraved their names and good luck wishes. The bronze statue at Qianling Mountain in Fengtai district was defaced by the tourists who wrote phrases requesting a happy life and good luck, the Beijing News reported. A worker at the scenic spot said that the statue will be repaired but at a high cost, the paper said. A worker surnamed Yu said that even though he and other workers had tried to stop the tourists from engraving their wishes on the statue many tourists waited until the workers were absent before defacing it.
A giant Buddha statue at a Beijing tourist attraction has fallen victim to vandalism, the latest in a series of acts exposed by Chinese media. Staff at Qianling Mountain Park in southwest Beijing recently found palm-sized Chinese characters reading “Xu Donghui”, apparently a person’s name, carved on the right leg and stomach of the gilt Buddha statue. The park’s staff told The Beijing News that tourists were responsible, and that had been frequent instances in which tourists tried to carve their names or other blessings on the statue using sharp tools since it had been built in 2006. The ongoing vandalism had already led to a restoration of the statue several years ago in which a gilt overlay was reapplied over the Buddha, according to the newspaper’s report. “We have no authority to punish them, but only to stop them if [we] discover their wrongdoings,” a staff surnamed Yu said. “[We] may have to paste gilt layer again despite its considerable cost”.